We are the home of Duke University's major merit scholarship programs. What makes them "major"?
Take a look and see.

That's not all. OUSF (pronounced oo-sef) is the organizational and support site for all Duke students who want to apply for fellowships and scholarships such as the Truman, the Rhodes, the Marshall, and many other awards. Check out the post graduate awards link.

There's more! At OUSF, students gather to "shop-talk" about professors, internships, research, and, no doubt, basketball! It's not just an office: it's a hub, it's a community, it's a commitment to Duke's undergraduates.

    • OUSF
    • Photo Credit: Jim Wallace
    • Entrance to OUSF
    • Photo Credit: Jim Wallace
    • Entrance to OUSF
    • Photo Credit: Jim Wallace
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Finalist weekend information

The next finalist weekend for the Ab Duke, BN Duke, Reginaldo Howard and University Scholars programs will be held March 30-April 2, 2015. The Robertson Scholars Finalist Weekend will be April 2-5, 2015. The other programs have different processes.

All finalists will be notified by early March.

Where we are located?

Smith Warehouse,

Bay 8 North, Second Floor, B209

114 S. Buchanan Blvd.
Box 90756 Durham, N.C. 27708

Phone: (919) 660-3070
Fax: (919) 681-7059


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