Four Duke faculty and staff serve as officers for the Beta of North Carolina chapter. Serving in this capacity is an additional honor for these proud Phi Beta Kappa members:

President - Steve Nowicki (Inducted 1976 - Tufts University, Delta chapter of Massachusetts) / Steve Nowicki is dean and vice provost of undergraduate education at Duke.

"For well over two hundred years Phi Beta Kappa has stood for academic excellence in higher education...When I was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa as a college student, it was not only a really proud moment for me and my parents, but also an opportunity to have a credential on my resume."

Vice President - Lee Baker (Inducted 2009 - Duke University, Beta chapter of North Carolina) / Baker serves as the dean of academic affairs of Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and associate vice provost for undergraduate education.

"Being a part of Phi Beta Kappa and serving as an officer, at Duke, provides me with an opportunity to demonstrate my commitment to the highest academic achievement in the liberal arts."

Secretary-Treasurer - Michael "Gus" Gustafson II (Inducted 1994 - Duke University, Beta chapter of North Carolina) / Gustafson is Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

"One of the best parts at the start was that my aunt is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa (from DePauw) and she's been one of my greatest inspirations. Over time, I have come to appreciate not only how Phi Beta Kappa recognizes students for their engagement with and success in their liberal arts education but also how Phi Beta Kappa provides a network across disciplines and generations for continuing to support and celebrate advancement in the liberal arts."

Member-at-Large - Lisa Robinson Bailey (Inducted 1999 - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Alpha chapter of North Carolina) / Robinson Bailey is a Duke University Office Research Support Specialist

"I had always associated Phi Beta Kappa with our most prestigious institutions and greatest thinkers, so it was an honor and a thrill to be invited to join the Society.  But what especially resonated with me was the Society’s motto, “Love of learning is the guide of life.”  Induction into Phi Beta confers a lifelong connection to a vibrant intellectual community.  The Phi Beta Kappa website, Facebook group, and publications help me to feel a part of the wider Phi Beta Kappa community. Serving as an officer for the Duke chapter has allowed me to tap into this community right here on campus.  It’s exciting to witness new classes of inductees as they are welcomed into Phi Beta Kappa."

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