University Scholars Program

Designed to stimulate an interdisciplinary, intergenerational community of scholars, the University Scholars Program was created in 1998 with a gift from Duke University Trustee Melinda French Gates and her husband Bill Gates, through the William H. Gates Foundation. University Scholars from the undergraduate, graduate, and professional schools are selected for their ability to explore new academic horizons. They represent a range of personal and intellectual backgrounds and share an excitement for original research, collaborative thinking, and innovative scholarship.

The award covers full tuition, mandatory fees, room & board and is subject to renewal for the scholar's four years of undergraduate study. Additionally, University Scholars are offered up to $7,000 for research or other educational enrichment programs.



Office Phone: (919) 684-5202

    • Sun Dec 16
    • Notes from our potluck meeting
    • After a yummy meal, we all sit down to discuss some preliminary opinions as to how to guide the symposium. Sam believes we ought to unify the groups more, Bobo argues that our segments should not be predictable (e.g. no near future/distant future/remote future) Tori says we should not worry about creating new content, instead [...]
    • Tue Oct 23
    • The Reality of Climate Change
    • Is the climate changing? Are humans partially responsible? Should we expect more serious climate related impacts in the years to come? Can anything be done? The answer to each of these questions is yes, as described by Dr. Franco Einaudi, the former Director of Earth Sciences NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, in a seminar organized [...]
    • Mon Oct 15
    • Big Data: Big Promises (with Big Problems?)
    • On the wonderful Tuesday evening of October 9th, the Unis present were treated to two lectures by two of our own graduate student Unis: James Johndrow, graduate student in Statistics and Allen Riddell, graduate student in Literature. The topic of interest was "big data" and we're talking BIG (James casually mentions that a 15 minute [...]
    • Tue Sep 18
    • University Scholars Discuss Symposium Topics and Keynote Speakers at 2012 Fall Retreat
    • The University Scholars gathered at the annual USP Fall Retreat to visit with returning Unis, meet the new graduate, professional and undergraduate Unis, and to brainstorm ideas for seminars and the annual spring symposium.  This year’s topic, “Futures,” provoked animated discussion and great ideas for symposium topics and keynote speakers.  The ideas flew fast and [...]
    • Wed Mar 7
    • USPuzzle Contest: 5 - Bad Math Puzzles
    • I’ve fallen behind on puzzle posts, so look for another post near the end of this week. This set of three puzzles revolves around bad mathematics.  Each puzzle is worth 1 point if answered correctly. 1.  The Conqueror Worm: A small worm is at the bottom of a 30-inch pit, and is trying to escape.  [...]
    • Tue Feb 7
    • USPuzzle Contest: 4 - Cipher spelled with an i
    • This week's puzzle is a code.  The code from the fall semester's puzzles ( ) may provide some pointers for how to go about this one, although this one's subject matter is less meta and more like part of a traditional mystery.  Scoring is 1 point for an attempt, 2 points for mostly correct, or [...]
    • Mon Jan 30
    • USPuzzle Contest: 3 - Crossing Puzzles
    • Here are three puzzles about crossing barriers under restrictive conditions.  Each puzzle is worth one point.   1. (This one is a classic that I've dressed up rather whimsically.  Ignore the silly names if you need to.) You are a Jedi traveling on Naboo.  You have with you an Arcona fugitive, a Trandoshan bounty hunter, [...]
    • Mon Jan 23
    • USPuzzle Contest: 2 - Logic Puzzle
    • This week's puzzle is a logic puzzle.  You get 1 point for an attempt, 2 points for mostly correct, or 3 points for a complete, correct answer. Five friends (you may remember Adam, Beth, Carlos, Dan, and Elise from a fall semester puzzle) go out for dinner together.  They arrive at the restaurant one at [...]
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