About the A.B. Duke Scholarship

The Angier B. Duke Memorial Scholarship Program

A renowned merit scholarship program at one of the world's top universities. A scholarly community that prizes academic ability and intellectual complexity. A program that supports its scholars wholeheartedly and financially.

The A.B. Duke Advantage

The A.B. Duke Scholarship Program provides more than a merit-based financial award. It offers support for the intellectually adventurous and curious. In addition to receiving financial awards covering full tuition, room and board, and all mandatory fees, A. B. Duke Scholars are encouraged to develop their own curricula and program-funded research projects.

Like all students offered admission to Duke, A.B. Dukes excel academically, but they distinguish themselves in a variety of other ways. Chief among their unusual attributes is a self-motivated sense of discovery and a commitment to engage and meet the challenges faced by society at large: in the arts as well as sciences, in applied policy as well as theoretical economics, and many other areas.

As A.B. Duke Scholars, students have the chance to leap ahead in their development through direct access to a wider world of knowledge and experience than that available in a standard academic program. Mentoring from faculty, staff, alumni, and fellow scholars is just one piece of the support the Program offers.

Beyond the classroom, A.B. Duke Scholars exert a significant impact on the university, the surrounding community, and the world in creative ways. They have launched organizations that serve disadvantaged youth, created collaborations with area universities, made breakthrough scientific discoveries, founded and edited student journals, and served in leadership roles.


ABDukeThe Angier B. Duke Memorial Scholarship Program is Duke University’s oldest merit scholarship for undergraduates. Since 1948, the program has recognized young men and women who demonstrate, through their excellent academic and personal records, outstanding promise of achievement in their chosen fields. These merit scholarships stem from the Angier B. Duke Memorial, Inc. established in 1925 by Benjamin N. and Sarah P. Duke to honor their son, Angier Buchanan Duke.

Over the years, the A.B. Duke Scholarship Program has helped Duke to matriculate the most academically ambitious applicants. These students are, by any measure, among the best in the nation—and the world. As a result, we now have a long history of looking to the future by preparing the exceptional minds of today to meet emerging challenges.

Today, the program continues to attract the most intellectually talented, creative, and curious students to Duke. We are grateful to the Angier B. Duke Memorial, Inc. and The Duke Endowment, whose long-term investment in the Program has helped Duke rise to the top ranks of American universities.

Financial Support

The A.B. Duke Scholars Program provides eight semesters of full tuition, room and board, and mandatory fees to Duke University. Scholars also have access to generous funding for domestic and international summer experiences.

Research and Faculty Access

Intellectually curious people seek opportunities to exercise their powers of inquiry. Duke University’s faculty members are committed to giving students the individual attention that nurtures their ideas and pushes them to excel. Learning is a priority and teaching is personal.

At Duke, world-class professors are in the classroom from the first day of students’ freshman year, teaching small classes and seminars. All Duke students can work side by side with such professors to tackle real problems at the frontiers of research and public service. A.B. Duke Scholars, however, receive additional support to help them find faculty mentors whose interests match their own and develop research, arts, and service projects.

Enrichment Experiences

A.B. Duke Scholars have a variety of options for educational enrichment during the summer terms.  A.B. Dukes may apply for enrichment funding, which awards additional funds for each scholar to fund research or special projects and associated expenses, including travel. Many A.B. Dukes apply for enrichment funding in order to spend a summer dedicated to innovative research or service at Duke or beyond. That experiential education often continues through independent studies during the year. Each year several scholars publish or present their findings at national and international conferences.

Once during their Duke career, A.B. Duke Scholars may attend a six-week summer program at the University of Oxford, all expenses paid. The Duke in Oxford program is a chance to deepen friendships with fellow A.B. Dukes while studying within the individualized tutorial system at one of England’s most venerable institutions of higher learning. In between pondering the ethical quandary of stem cell research and the works of Shakespeare, A.B. Dukes explore London, Stratford-upon-Avon, and the English countryside.

Academic Community

A.B. Duke Scholars contribute to and benefit from being part of a community of ambitious and collegial thinkers. Through personal interactions with Duke professors, visiting scholars, scholarship alumni, and one another, scholars gain early exposure to top faculty, discover opportunities to receive professional mentoring, and secure research positions as early as their freshmen year.

All first-year scholars in a first-year seminar series across scholarships engage with each other as scholars, learn from scholars on and off campus, and engage with the greater Durham community. A.B. Duke Scholars routinely create other opportunities for discourse with distinguished academicians beyond the first-year seminar.

Another valuable opportunity for intellectual exchange is the scholar community itself. A.B Duke Scholars seek out ways of engaging one another through collaborative academic and service work, regular salons, and campus-wide initiatives.

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