About Nationally Competitive Scholarships at OUSF

We are the resource center for all current Duke students and alumni applying for most nationally competitive scholarships, especially those with a campus endorsement process. These scholarships and fellowships support a wide variety of opportunities during the undergraduate years and beyond. 

Exceptional experiences while in college:

  • leadership development and limited tuition costs (Udall and Goldwater)
  • language study (Boren and CLS)
  • study and enrichment abroad (UK Fulbright Summer Institutes)

Exceptional experiences after college:

  • tuition costs (Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Schwarzman, Fulbright, Beinecke, Truman)
  • language study (CLS)
  • research and/or enrichment abroad (Fulbright, Luce)

Explore opportunities

Use the Search All Opportunities link at the left of this page. You will find over two hundred opportunities including nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships, as well as internship and post-graduate work opportunities on which the Career Center advises.

We are happy to work with all current Duke students and alumni from any degree program.

  • International students and New Americans should look into: Rhodes, Gates-Cambridge, Schwartzman, PD Soros and DAAD.
  • Graduate and professional students should look into: Fulbright, PD Soros, DAAD and NSF.

If you are applying to Duke for college, learn more from our site and colleagues about Merit Scholarship Programs and about Financial Aid, and see this broader list of other sources of support for attending Duke.

If you are applying to graduate or professional school at Duke, please see Duke Graduate School to learn more about financial resources for attending Duke.