One year of graduate study in a STEM field at Cambridge University.


Application Deadline

September 13, 2024 at 4:00 PM

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Quick facts

Academic Discipline

STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math)

Eligibility: Citizenship

U.S. Citizen

When to Apply

Senior Year, Young Alumni

Campus Nomination Required?


Age Limit


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The Churchill Scholarship funds one year of study in the STEM fields at the University of Cambridge. Scholars may pursue research or coursework through any of the eligible graduate programs at Cambridge. Applicants must apply separately for admission to Cambridge and must indicate their preference to live in the Churchill College residence at Cambridge. Applicants must be nominated by Duke to compete for the award.

Application Timeline
Deadline for complete Campus Applications, including all forms, resume, transcript, and essayFriday, September 13, 12p.m. (noon)
Deadline for all letters of recommendation sent to:

Friday, September 13, 12p.m. (noon)

Duke nominees named by NCSLate September



The scholarship includes tuition, a travel allowance, and living expense stipend, with a total value estimated around $65,000. 

The scholarship also includes public engagement training and science policy seminars for all Scholars, as well as cohort gatherings and guided visits. 


Applicants must be U.S. citizens, either graduating seniors or Duke alumni having graduated within the past 12 months.

Selection Criteria

  • outstanding academic achievement
  • proven talent in research
  • outstanding personal qualities, interpreted as “interests and achievements outside of research” although the committee understands that the time commitment required by research is significant.



Recent Duke Recipients


Azim Dharani

Churchill Scholar, Goldwater Scholar, Class of 2020