$30,000 to support graduate study at any university in the US for those committed to public service careers.


Application Deadline

November 1, 2024 at 4:00 PM

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Quick facts

Academic Discipline

Arts & Humanities
Creative/Performing Arts
Professional (Law/Medicine/Business)
Public Service
Social Sciences
STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math)

Eligibility: Citizenship

U.S. Citizen

When to Apply

Junior Year

Campus Nomination Required?


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The Truman Scholarship seeks to encourage college students to enter careers in public service, including government/policy work, non-profits, community organizations, legal/medical aid, education, journalism, and more.

Application Timeline
Deadline for complete Campus Application, including uploading transcript, and all essaysFriday, November 1, 12p.m. (noon)
Deadline for all letters of recommendation sent to: ncs-ousf@duke.eduFriday, November 1, 12p.m. (noon)
Duke nominees named by NCSMid-December



The scholarship provides $30,000 for graduate school, extensive programming and mentorship opportunities, a direct hiring authority with the federal government, and the ability to apply for additional matching funds with Truman graduate school partners.


NCS Scholarship Information in Canvas - specialized application advice.


Students must be U.S. citizens or U.S. Nationals and must be in their junior year of college. “Junior” here means a student who is in their penultimate year of a four-year bachelor’s degree or someone who plans to graduate early and is in their final year of a three-year bachelor’s degree.

Selection Criteria

  • record of public and community service
  • leadership potential and communication skills
  • intellectual strength and analytical ability
  • commitment to a career and likelihood of 'making a difference' in public service

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Yadira Paz-Martinez

Class of 2025, B.N. Duke Scholar, Truman Scholar

Carlee Goldberg

Class of 2022, Truman Scholar, Mount Vernon Leadership Fellow

Kushal Kadakia

Rhodes Scholar, Truman Scholar

Daisy Almonte

Truman Scholar