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Boren Info Session with Michael Saffle

Boren Awards logo video thumbnailAwards scholarships to US citizen students to study world languages in regions critical to U.S. interests. Boren Scholarships are for undergraduates and Boren Fellowships are for graduate students. Applications are due in January and early February.  

Info Session on Sophomore and Junior Opportunities

Learn more about an assortment of great opportunities for sophomores and juniors. This video will be especially useful for those interested in: public service, environmental advocacy, Native American advocacy, research science, or graduate study in the social sciences and humanities.

Orientation 2020 Session with Nationally Competitive Scholarships

Get an overview of what Nationally Competitive Scholarships are. Learn how you can make the most of your first year at Duke from advisors and alumni to prepare for these great opportunities that start your first year and extend beyond your college graduation. 



Leadership and Scholarships Workshop

Many scholarships are interested in the ways you are a leader. What does leadership include? What forms can it take? This workshop gives an overview of leadership and a few exercises to help you identify your strongest leadership experiences. This reflection and growth can strengthen your applications for scholarships and other opportunities.  Leadership and Scholarships Workshop Handout



Personal Statement Workshop

Rediscover your experiences that showcase key attributes and achievements. We’ll share strategies for writing your stories in a compelling, memorable way, whether you’re gearing up for graduate school, preparing to network and study with future and current world leaders, or showing your readiness to roll up your sleeves for community work or independent research a world away. Personal Statement Workshop Handout


Scholarships for Graduate Study

Learn how to apply to a variety of opportunities for graduate study with Duke’s full support! This video Includes Rhodes, Marshall, Gates-Cambridge, and other opportunities.

Scholarships for Experience Abroad

Learn how to apply to a variety of opportunities for graduate study, research abroad, or other professional experience with Duke’s full support! Will include Fulbright, DAAD, Luce, and other opportunities.

How to Explore UK Graduate Study

Learn how to search your options for graduate schools and programs in the UK. They are perfect for those applying for Marshall and Fulbright UK scholarships. They're also recommended for those considering study in the UK, even on school-specific scholarships.

What Is Fulbright 

I Am Fulbright Video