Merit Scholarship Programs

Recognizes students who demonstrate intellectual accomplishment and exceptional potential for academic leadership.
Recognizes outstanding academic achievement in children and grandchildren of Duke Alumni who demonstrate some financial need.
Students from North or South Carolina who excel academically, engage their communities, and aspire to become leaders at Duke and beyond.
Recognizes the outstanding academic achievement and vision of students who are the first in their families to attend college.
Recognizes the outstanding potential for academic and global impact of international students.
Change-makers from Sub-Saharan Africa who demonstrate financial need, academic ability, and deep commitment to their communities.
Recognizes students on the basis of stellar academics, leadership, and a commitment to a career in public service.
Recognizes the exceptional academic and personal accomplishments of students of African heritage.
Young leaders who demonstrate extraordinary potential and strive to make transformational contributions to society.
Recognizes students with outstanding academic achievement from various areas of North and South Carolina. Some Trinity awards also require demonstrated financial need.
Students with excitement for interdisciplinary research, collaborative thinking, and innovative scholarship.