A.B. Duke Scholarship Program

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A.B. Duke Scholars are self-motivated students with outstanding academic and world-changing potential. Scholars are driven by sense of discovery and a commitment to engage and meet the challenges faced by society at large. The summer before their sophomore year, A.B. Duke Scholars are offered the opportunity to study at Oxford University at no cost. The oldest merit scholarship program at Duke University, the scholarship was established in 1925 by Benjamin N. and Sarah P. Duke to honor their son, Angier Buchanan Duke. A.B. Duke Scholars have won prestigious Marshall and Rhodes Scholarships and have gone on to win such notable awards as the Pulitzer Prize. Today, the program continues to attract the intellectually talented, creative, and curious students to Duke. 

Spotlight on Sasamon Omoma

I truly feel like I have lived nine lives at Duke–one for each semester, plus our amazing Oxford summer with the scholarship! At Duke, I’ve been able to deeply explore my every interest.  I’ve taught computer science to students both at Duke and in Durham. I’ve conducted research in both VR and topological data analysis, the latter of which led to publication. I spent a semester exploring Spanish culture and gastronomy in Madrid. I have also developed a new interest and understanding of climate change. With the support of the A.B. Duke Memorial Scholarship, I was able to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Iceland to study renewable energy and sustainable agriculture–where I was also lucky enough to witness the Grindavik volcanic eruption! The A.B. was my first community at Duke, and through it, I have found friends, mentors, and myself. The A. B. Duke Scholarship empowered me to make the most of Duke, and I am so grateful for every dimension of my experience.

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Dr. Mark Goodacre, Faculty Director

Mark Goodacre is Professor of Religious Studies at Duke University. He specializes in the New Testament and Christian Origins. He earned his MA, M.Phil and DPhil at the University of Oxford. He has been at Duke since 2005. His research interests include the Gospels and the Historical Jesus. Goodacre is the author of four books including The Case Against Q: Studies in Markan Priority and the Synoptic Problem (Harrisburg, PA: Trinity Press International, 2002) and Thomas and the Gospels: The Case for Thomas's Familiarity with the Synoptics (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2012). He is well known for creating web resources on New Testament and Christian origins, including his podcast, the NT Pod. Goodacre has acted as consultant for several TV and radio programs including The Passion (BBC / HBO, 2008) and Finding Jesus (CNN, 2015-17). Goodacre is currently working on a book on John's knowledge of the Synoptic Gospels.

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A.B. Dukes Win OUSF's Coveted Golden Spoon

The A.B. Duke scholars have won the first annual OUSF Golden Spoon Award. The award is given to the scholarship team who makes the best dessert utilizing a secret ingredient designated by the staff. This year the secret ingredient was cinnamon, and three scholarship teams participated.  The A.B. Duke scholars made Tres Leches Cake with Macerated Berries. The Trinity and Alumni Scholars made Cinnamon Blondies, and the B.N. Duke Scholars made Cinnamon Frosted Snickerdoodles. The competition was fierce, but after a close vote, the A.B. Duke dessert was declared the winner.  The Golden Spoon competition took place during OUSF's inaugural Friendsgiving dinner and will become an annual tradition.


The Angier B. Duke Scholars Program is located within the Office of University Scholars and Fellows (OUSF). Our A.B.'s are part of a larger community of merit scholars and academically engaged students at Duke University.

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