Juliana and Puppy

The David M. Rubenstein Scholars Program is designed to attract and support first-generation, low-income students financially, academically, personally, and professionally. It was named after David M. Rubenstein, the philanthropist and Duke alumnus who was the first member of his family to attend college. 

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Rubenstein Scholars

Juliana Alfonso DeSouza and Research at Duke

Even as a first year student, Juliana has gotten involved in research at Duke by volunteering as a foster parent for Fearless, one of the residents of Professor Brian Hare's Canine Cognition Lab. “This experience has helped me discover a new interest of mine, cognitive neuroscience, and has helped me navigate the transition of adjusting to life as a Duke student—after all, there’s nothing better than puppy snuggles after a long day,” says Juliana.


Dr. Sachelle Ford

Dr. Sachelle Ford is Director of the Rubenstein Scholars and Executive Director of Duke LIFE (Low Income First Generation Engagement).


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