Class of 2026

Hometown: Bathnaha, Nepal

Majors: BS in Physics and Mathematics, Certificate in Materials Science & Engineering

Hobbies: Singing and Acoustic Guitar, Trekking & Traveling, Reading Fictions, Watching movies, Discourses in Philosophy and History

Why Duke?

Duke is a surreal mix of my alignments towards amalgamating Physics with Tech, Astronomy with Cultures, and Mathematics with Music. Within this aura of multi-disciplinary intellectual vitality, I’ll major in Physics and engage in the specific course Advanced Physics Laboratory and Seminar (Physics 417S) that’ll enable me to transform my on-paper ideas into the real world. Fascinated by Prof. Alfred Goshaw's incredible CERN-affiliated research, I look forward to collaborating with him and substantiating my interest in particle physics through measurements of Multi-TeV proton-proton collisions and massive electroweak bosons. How can I forget about the crazy primary research opportunities through Innovation Co-Lab and Bass Connections? In the FOCUS program, I believe the integrative course Science and the Public will pave my knowledge in physics toward altruistic solutions. And, of course, I'd be regularly reserving the project rooms at The Edge to discuss independent research with peers. On serene dusks, I’ll be at Sarah P. Duke Gardens talking about either the hairstyles of Roman emperors or learning filmmaking at Rubinstein Arts Center. Then in the ambiance of Duke Chapel, I'll pour my heart into my Maithili-song performances through Duke Sangeet and Duke Dhamaka–or maybe practice with the Cricket Club. And during summer? The DukeEngage Program. Finally, the main reason is the generous financial support through Karsh International Scholarship, without which I could've never been able to join Duke, or for that matter, even study in the US. I'm more than grateful, but, at the same time, very excited to be INTELLECTUALLY IMMERSED and SPIRITUALLY AWAKENED at Duke.