Class of 2026
Karsh International Scholar

Hometown: Bathnaha, Nepal

Majors: Physics and Mathematics

Hobbies: Hiking and Trekking, Meditating and Reading (a lot!), Singing and Acoustic Guitar, Cooking South Asian food.

Why Duke?

The Karsh International Scholarship Program at Duke University has provided me with an extraordinary opportunity to pursue my passion for the intersection of science and philosophy. As a recipient of this prestigious scholarship, I am part of a diverse community of international scholars who are intellectually curious and dedicated to making a positive impact on society. Duke's exceptional Physics research groups and Mathematics programs have provided me with a strong foundation to delve into the mysteries of the universe and develop innovative theoretical frameworks. Moreover, Duke's commitment to interdisciplinary education, including programs like the Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE) certificate, has allowed me to explore the profound connections between Vedic philosophy and Western philosophical traditions, enriching my understanding and deepening my pursuit of becoming a sage in the field of science.

Being a Karsh International Scholar at Duke University means not only receiving financial support but also being part of a community that values the transformative power of knowledge. The scholarship has given me the opportunity to engage in meaningful research, foster interdisciplinary inquiry, and contribute to the societal and ethical implications of physics. I am grateful for the platform Duke has provided me to explore the profound wisdom embedded within Vedic philosophy while integrating it with Western philosophical traditions. Duke University has truly empowered me to embrace my aspirations of becoming a sage in the field of science, where I can bridge the realms of knowledge and pursue a greater understanding of the universe and our place within it.