Class of 2025
Karsh International Scholar

Hometown: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Major: Computer Science

Hobbies: Sports, Volunteering, Traveling, Cooking, Gardening, Pigeon keeping

Although I was deeply impressed with Duke's various remarkable qualities, I particularly found the focus on Undergraduate teaching the most appealing. At Duke, in addition to the advanced science faculties and supportive professors, I can get access to numerous internship and research opportunities. 

The tight-knit community is one of the exciting aspects of attending Duke. I was surprised by how much the Duke community is ready to help, support, and provide guidance. 

The tremendous financial aid is another significant factor that attracted me to Duke. I want to make a difference in my community, and the first step to take toward my goal is to get a good education. The Karsh Scholarship allows me to pursue my education at such a great institution without worrying about the financial burden that it may cause. 

Being a Karsh Scholar is a great honor for me. I see this scholarship not only as a recognition of my past achievements but also as an encouragement to continue working hard at Duke and beyond. The scholarship gives me the motivation to set high standards for myself as I continue striving to achieve higher goals.

During my stay at Duke, I want to participate in various sports such as soccer and swimming. I would also like to partake in the DukeEngage program. I want to work on an Energy & Environment Project through the Bass Connections program. I also want to be involved in summer programs like Code+ projects and make the best of these opportunities.