Class of 2026
B.N. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Myrtle Beach, SC 

Major: Neuroscience
Minor: Chemistry

Hobbies: One of my favorite things is be active. Whether I’m playing on the beach with friends, cruising on a skateboard, or just lifting weights in the gym, I will always have a good time. Additionally, I love experiencing new things. It’s so exciting to meet new people, try unique foods, and experience new cultures.

Why Duke?

At Duke, I'll roll up my sleeves—literally. Through the First-Year Design Experience, I'll get to be hands-on from the jump, creating adaptive technologies for people with disabilities. And I know at Duke I'll find fellow engineers who share my lifelong mission. From specially developed utensils for people with cerebral palsy, to a wheelchair modified to hold three oxygen tanks, first-year students at Duke are developing real prototypes that can change lives—and they're doing it from day one. I can't wait to spend afternoons in the Engineering Design POD, firing up the learning lab's 3D printers to make my adaptive design ideas tangible. In Gross Hall, I'll get to meet with new friends across disciplines to work collaboratively on design projects at The Foundry. And later, as an upperclassman, I'll get to take advantage of Duke's deep relationships with multinational corporations like Honda, GM, Boston Scientific, and Microsoft to gain a better understanding of how designs that serve an important social good, can also work from a business standpoint. Next year, as I pass by the painted murals on the bridge and help burn benches with my new friends, I'll be grateful to call Duke my home.