Class of 2024
A.B. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Sachse, Texas

Major: Biology
Minor: Computational Biology & Bioinformatics
Certificate: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE)

Hobbies: Philosophy, Piano/Flute, Regenerative Medicine, European History, Molecular Biology

Tell us about your Duke experience:

I'm considering majors in biomedical engineering, data science, or computational biology while on the premed track. I have taken advantage of the wonderful opportunities at Duke to explore my academic interests, ranging from organic chemistry to game theory in political philosophy. Outside of academics, I have served on the executive board of the Latinx cultural group on campus, Mi Gente, as a first year representative and have coordinated several events for Latinx first-years. I'm also a member of the Duke Student Government Latinx Caucus, Camp Kesem, which supports children through and beyond their parent's cancer, and Duke eNable, which creates custom, 3D-printed prosthetics for patients.

I have also engaged in scientific research during her time at Duke, joining the Kishnani Lab in the Department of Pediatrics, investigating clinical research regarding AAV gene therapy. I will additionally start basic science work with the Bursac lab in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, investigating cardiac regeneration, this semester. In my freetime, I enjoy playing piano and flute, listening to philosophy and economics podcasts, and cooking with friends! I am extremely blessed and grateful for the privilege of being an A.B. scholar. The A.B. has meant the intellectual and financial freedom to explore my varied interests, both in and outside of my chosen future career path. The scholarship program has provided me a built-in community of kind and intelligent friends and peers, engaging OUSF programming, support from brilliant, kind faculty, and a network of incredibly accomplished, extraordinary alumni. I am eternally grateful to OUSF and the A.B. program for granting me the life-changing gift that is the AB scholarship.