Class of 2025
Reginaldo Howard Scholar

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Academic Interests: Public Policy, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Hobbies: I enjoy listening to music, playing golf, fencing, coaching, watching sports, reading, and debating.

Why Duke?

Duke University attracted me through its appreciation of learning inside and outside the classroom, whether it is taking House Courses or Duke Engage. In terms of academics, I am excited to be a part of the Public Policy Department. My motivation to major in Public Policy stems from knowing that we need more than individual actions to solve systemic problems. This major at Duke affords me unique opportunities like the Duke in Glasgow, as someone who is fascinated by moral philosophy and political economy. I hope to take advantage of programs like DeWitt Wallace Center for Media & Democracy or the 4+1 Accelerated Master of Public Policy Track.

Being named a Reginaldo Howard Scholar has been such a blessing by enabling me to afford a Duke education and having a close-knit group of fellow scholars. I want to move on to postgraduate studies, whether that be pursuing a J.D. or a Ph.D. However, this scholarship is so much more than just the financial aspects. The Reginaldo Scholarship comes with a group of students with a sense of camaraderie. Even with finalist week being virtual this year, they made me feel supported and wanted, which was a critical factor for me selecting Duke. In the First Tee, they taught us to have a go-to team of people in our lives, and I hope that the Reginaldo Family will be one for me in the years ahead.