Class of 2026
Reginaldo Howard Scholar

Hometown: Maplewood, New Jersey

Major: Biology

Hobbies: I enjoy cooking, baking with my little sister, attending church, engaging in Bible study, tutoring, and watching medical dramas.

Why Duke?

The lead scientist behind the development of the Moderna RNA-1273 vaccine was Kizzmekia Corbett, a black woman. Her trailblazing success as a woman of color in the battle for global health precisely captures the reason why I chose Duke. I too want to change the world of medicine for the benefit of all communities. Programs like the Bass Connections Global Health theme and upcoming project teams on Race and Society demonstrate Duke’s commitment to health equity, as well as its ability to develop and attract diverse student and faculty leaders in science and research. The appointment of Dr. Tyson Brown to lead this team further demonstrates that Duke is the right place for me. Professor Brown is Duke’s inaugural Presidential Fellow, not just its first black selection. An environment where people of color can set precedents, as well as close equity gaps offers me the ideal place to thrive. Such programs will allow me to research contributing factors to racial inequalities in healthcare. Duke is unquestionably the place where I will develop my research skills and do my best work. Dean Ashby and the current Reggies were extremely welcoming to me. I am very grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with students who share my interest in social justice, equality, equity, and inclusion. I am proud to call Duke my home for the next four years and am beyond excited to build friendships and connections that will last a lifetime.