Class of 2025
Karsh International Scholar

Hometown: Chatham, England

Major: Mathematics
Minor: Spanish

Hobbies: Spanish, voluntary work, reading, positive social change (i.e. through student governments)

Why Duke?

As an international student, I chose Duke because it was the perfect place for me to develop both as an individual and academically. I love how I will be encouraged to explore other interests rather than just my intended major, leading to a deeper interdisciplinary understanding. Also, Duke really does seem to work hard, play hard(er!), and this is a great fit for me. The Karsh International Scholarship has not only removed financial stress from my time at Duke, but will also give me the opportunity to enrich my college experience further and meet some amazing people in the scholar community. Currently, something I love to do is explore campus, try different foods, and I'm looking forward to joining new clubs soon!