Class of 2025
Karsh International Scholar

Hometown: Obuasi, Ghana

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Certificate: Aerospace Engineering

Hobbies: Playing and creatively using soccer to impact my community, Watching movies and anime, Creating impromptu initiatives, Singing, Designing and Editing Graphics, Scrutinizing almost every intriguing thing I see, Reading love stories, Dancing crazily, Drawing, and many more.

Why Duke?

At first, when I saw that Duke was being teased by other colleges for choosing the mascot name Blue Devil by calling Duke "Blew Devvies", I was so intrigued because I'd suffered the same thing before. However, Duke continued to amaze me with names in so many ways. Look at "Krzyzewskiville". This was a very foreign name to me, but it showed me the degree of welcome and friendship my new family at Duke would give me. I was right! Even before I stepped foot at Duke, I was already a FOCUS student who will get to work with people from different disciplines; I'm a Clark Scholar, and I'll get to build a close knit community with 10 marvelous people (12 rather, because Tanya and Bill are part). I'm also part of a group that is organizing one of the most epic pickup soccer games on this planet when we arrive at Duke. The community at Duke is what I really cherish.

The Karsh Scholarship means a lot to me because at first, I never thought I'd be selected, but I was. Afterwards, when I told the scholarship office my dreams through the essays I wrote and the interviews I had, they understood and BELIEVED in me. This is the greatest gift someone could ever give a wild dreamer like me, and I need to do everything to make this gift worthwhile.