Class of 2025
B.N. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Swansea, South Carolina

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hobbies: I'm really into pop music and consider songwriting the highest art form. I also like to make things. One day, I'm going to write a book, and it's going to be thoroughly insane. I'm also big on eating, running, and spending time with people I care about. 

Why Duke?

When I was a little kid, I obsessed over stories where the unsuspecting, unassuming lead finally got a chance at adventure. Accepting my spot at Duke and this scholarship was that moment for me. I'm also ready for an intellectual and personal challenge, and Duke promises to be both. As for activities at Duke, I hope to participate in research. I want to get in a lab and do super-sciencey real-life stuff! For fun, I want to gorge myself on local eats with friends and make UNC fans cry and learn more about this "spikeball,"an oft-mentioned-by-Dukies pastime that mystifies me to this day (though not for much longer). I want to have the time of my life—and maybe learn a few things, too.