Class of 2027
University Scholar

Hometown: Lusaka, Zambia

Academic Interests: My academic interests include Environmental science, Biology, Social and development studies.

Hobbies and Interests: My hobbies are singing, dancing, plaiting hair, playing soccer, netball, and volleyball.

Why Duke?

I am interested in biology, environmental science and policy, and development studies. I am eager to combine these interests to address the issue of climate change and pollution on the environment. To be specific, I want to understand how changes in the chemical composition of the atmosphere as a result of human activities, such as combustion, deforestation, and pollution influence climate variability which adversely impacts biodiversity in the ecosystem. I applied at Duke because engaging in the Nicholas School will grant me the resources and opportunities to interact and work with outstanding interdisciplinary faculty like Earth and Climate scientist, Professor Paul Baker. I would like to learn from him what forces natural climate variability and how climate change and other human activities affect the diversity and fate of organisms in the ecosystem. I am also drawn to Duke’s Undergraduate Environmental Union (UEU) which seeks to support environmental undergraduate groups with their own missions, providing them with resources and support to successfully collaborate and share information with existing groups to advance their projects within the Duke community.