Class of 2024

Hometown: Spartanburg, South Carolina

Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry

Outside of school, I am very interested in creative outlets, such as music and creative writing. I play both the violin and the guitar. In my spare time, I like to learn new songs on my guitar. I also enjoy playing along with recordings of my favorite songs. My passion for music has pushed me to take a music theory class. My interest in music also drove me to be a part of Duke University Union’s (DUU) first-year internship program. In this program, I am on the Jazz@ committee. Aside from music, I am also interested in creative writing, especially poetry and fictional writing. I plan to explore my interest by taking a fiction writing class sometime soon. I would like to write my own novel eventually. Another activity I participate in is Duke Student Government. I am an Equity and Outreach ad-hoc senator. These hobbies differ significantly from my academic interest, which is more focused on natural and social science courses. While I am interested in the social sciences, I am pre-med and plan to major in biology. I am interested in going to medical school and becoming a physician. I think that there is a desperate need for more representation of minorities, especially among physicians. In such a white male-dominated workforce, I think it is essential for hospitals to be representative of their patients. I want to be an example for other young black children that people that looks like them can become doctors.