Class of 2024
Karsh International Scholar

Hometown: Enugu, Nigeria

Major: Computer Science (AI and Machine Learning)
Certificate: Innovation and Entrepreneurship 

Hobbies: software, music, soccer, philosophy

Why Duke?

I knew I needed my college years to be much more than just the classes I would take as I wanted to fully immerse myself in the Duke community while also exploring several routes that would bring me out of my comfort zone—Duke appealed to me as just the right fit as it balanced academic rigor with a vibrant social scene really well.

After the first few months at Duke, I'd say that I have had several paradigm shifts on a lot of things—both on a personal and global scale. I have learnt to adopt a growth mindset and I feel more resilient/confident to do things that I would have normally shied away from.

I see the Karsh Scholarship as a community of intellectually curious and culturally diverse students who are incredibly passionate about a broad range of societal issues. I have definitely learnt a lot from my fellow Karsh scholars, and it's been really amazing being a part of this community, 

When I'm on campus, I play IM soccer, and hang out with friends for fun!