Class of 2025
B.N. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Murphy, North Carolina

Major: Public Policy
Minor: History
Certificate: Child Policy Research

Hobbies: Caffeine connoisseur, Goodreads enthusiast, NPR listener, Duke Soccer fan, amateur tap dancer, Mandarin learner, progressive advocate, armchair historian, opinion columnist

Why Duke?

I visited Duke for the first time during my junior year of high school and completely fell in love! I was excited for the chance to study public policy and engage in Duke's large array of experiental learning opportunities. Sooo I applied ED and haven't looked back!

I'm super excited to return to campus this fall after being away since last December! I have some leadership roles lined up for clubs that I find really fulfilling, as well as a couple research roles connected to Duke Law and the Center for Child and Family Policy at Sanford. I will also be staying in a suite in Hollows, so I'm excited for the chance to cook and host friends at my place :)