Class of 2026
A.B. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Newark, Delaware

Majors: Electrical & Computer Engineering and Physics

Hobbies: I love backpacking and trail running, physics, playing music (french horn, guitar, singing), energy engineering, watercolors, wetlands, and journalism .

Why Duke?

II chose Duke because it provided me with the unique opportunity to explore the variety of paths that excite me. As someone who’s highschool interests ranged from clean energy research—an inherently interdisciplinary field—to music, engineering, politics, and more, I knew that I needed to attend a university that would support me whilst I find my own path. Duke fit that description precisely. Further, I wanted to attend a university whose student body comprises people of unique passions, interests, and stories. After a half-day campus tour, Duke matched that expectation as well, and I have learned so much from this community in only a year here. To me, this scholarship is an honor, but also a means of exploration. Between the Oxford study abroad, the enrichment funding, and the financial stability found in the scholarship itself, I will be able to explore additional educational opportunities and attend graduate school with a sense financial comfortability.