Class of 2025
Robert Ketner Trinity Scholarship

Hometown: Greensboro, North Carolina

Major: Psychology
Minors: Chemistry, Theater Studies

Hobbies: Soccer (Playing and Watching), Theatre (Acting, Writing, Directing), Travel, Exercise, Outdoorsy Stuff

Why Duke?

The support from OUSF and the Trinity Scholars program, financially and as an academic community, was a huge reason for my decision and I'm endlessly grateful to Mr. Ketner and OUSF for making Duke a real possibility for me. Attending Duke as an NC native means getting a world-class education while staying close to my family and having the opportunity to affect positive change in my home state. I also adore Duke's beautiful campus, athletics and school spirit, liberal arts curriculum with opportunities to take interesting classes with top-tier professors, and vibrant, diverse community of multi-talented students.

Some of the highlights of my first two years include participating in the Science & Religion FOCUS cluster, getting involved with Theatre Studies productions and the student group Duke Players, tenting in K-Ville, playing intramural soccer, volunteering at the Puppy Kindergarten, and going abroad both summers with Duke in London-Arts and DukeEngage Chile! In the upcoming year, I'm looking to get more involved with community service and find a research position while continuing to be active in the theatre community and supporting Duke Athletics.