Class of 2022

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

Majors: Computer Science and Philosophy

Hobbies: Finance, law, software engineering, music

Tell us about your Duke experience:

My interests include technology, entrepreneurship, law, philosophy, and economics. Some of those are primarily pursued in my classes, some in my internships, and some in both. I was on the HackDuke planning team for two years, which primarily entailed building the hackathon’s website. One of my favorite activities has been building and releasing a ride sharing web app for Duke students with two other ABs. Apart from being the source of some of my closest friendships and best ideas, I also have the AB program to thank for my philosophy major, which was solely the result of six incredible weeks of Duke in Oxford (which is funded by the AB). Looking back at the last three years and forward to the next, I’m sure my career at and beyond Duke would be vastly different if not for the AB, and I’m very grateful for the impact the program has had.