Class of 2024

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Majors: Cultural Anthropology; Global Health
Minor: Sociology

Mellon Project: I'm Every Woman: The Role of Solidarity and Community-Based Initiatives in the Fight for Reproductive Justice

The issue of reproductive health has been a topic of social, political, and religious discourse for a long time. Despite the increased avenues for activism and public outcry, women still face poor support from healthcare systems, conservative political agendas, and social stereotypes and stigmatization. The lack of support has led women to navigate their own bodies and reproductive well-being. This research is interested in grassroots work relating to reproductive justice and how women with intersecting identities have developed and led movements for this cause. The research question is focused on how community is shaped by health, and how health is shaped by community, using reproductive health as the lens. The study will use virtual and in-person ethnography to explore how women and girls build relationships with each other and how community-based organizations help sustain these relationships. The research aims to answer questions around solidarity among marginalized communities, the manifestation of care in community-centered health centers/programs, and how femme individuals talk to each other about reproductive health.