Class of 2024
B.N. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Durham, North Carolina

Major: Neuroscience
Minors: Chemistry and Global Health

Hobbies: Outside of the classroom I'm passionate about gender equality, environmental justice, arts and crafts, cooking, and reading!

Why Duke?

I chose Duke because I wanted to have access to top tier resources and the ability to explore and connect all my interests. Most importantly, I wanted to immerse myself in an enriching environment with diverse and engaged peers.

So far I have participated in the Genetics and Genomics FOCUS program, Arete Effective Altruism Fellowship, volunteered at the Volkan Lab, led the NeuroCare educational videos team, and completed the Sustainability Ambassador certificate. I am serving as the underclassman representative on the Neuroscience Majors Union and am part of a Bass Connections team studying genetic therapy for Alzheimer's disease.

The B.N. scholarship provides me with more than just an opportunity to pursue my academic interests at Duke, it forms a group of peers who share a commitment and passion for community involvement. It means that I can explore my passions and have the support to focus on the causes that mean the most to me.

At Duke, I enjoy exploring the food scene in Durham, attending club meetings, exploring nature trails, and watching movies and playing board games with friends!