Class of 2027
A.B. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania

Academic Interests: Biology, Bioinformatics, Science and the Public, Human Rights

Hobbies and Interests: Biking, gardening, houseplants, human rights activism, kayaking

Why Duke?

I choose Duke for its interdisciplinary approach to education, which will allow me to explore my interests across the sciences and humanities. The Genetics and Genomics Focus Cluster, with its vibrant scientific discourse, further solidified my decision. I also feel incredibly honored to have been awarded the A.B. Duke scholarship, which opens doors to exceptional educational and leadership opportunities. The scholarship will enable me to make the most of my time at Duke and make a lasting impact on campus and beyond. Being part of this tight-knit community of intellectually curious, driven, and energetic students will undoubtedly enrich my academic journey. Duke’s humanistic approach to research aligns with my goal to seek out marginalized voices in science. I want to ensure my knowledge is shaped from multiple perspectives, and Duke, is the the ideal setting to do so.