Class of 2026
Karsh International Scholar

Hometown: Bucharest, Romania

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Cinematic Arts

Hobbies: Outside the classroom, I enjoy cycling, going to the gym and watching movie commentaries.

Why Duke?

It is an incredible achievement to be accepted at Duke University, nonetheless as a Karsh Scholar. Besides the financial freedom offered by this scholarship, one attribute which comes with the Karsh International Scholarship that I value most is the community I am able to enter. From the first meetings, I realized the values and the opportunities that come with being a member of the Karsh cohort. Additionally, one of my favorite aspects of the scholarship is the enrichment fund—a way for the faculty to support the scholars in their intellectual endeavors such as during unpaid internships, research, or conferences. I am deeply honored to be chosen as a Karsh Scholar. The incredible possibilities received through this scholarship not only gave me a sense of belonging but opened many doors that will help me develop from a cultural, intellectual, and social perspective.