Class of 2026


Hometown: Bucharest, Romania

Major: Computer Science with concentrations in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Hobbies: Outside the classroom, I enjoy cycling, going to the gym and watching movie commentaries.

Why Duke?

It is an incredible achievement to be accepted at Duke University, nonetheless as a Karsh Scholar. Besides the financial freedom offered by this scholarship, one attribute which comes with the Karsh International Scholarship that I value most is the community I am able to enter. From the first meetings, I realized the values and the opportunities that come with being a member of the Karsh cohort. Additionally, one of my favorite aspects of the scholarship is the enrichment fund - a way for the faculty to support the scholars in their intellectual endeavors such as during unpaid internships, research, or conferences. I am deeply honored to be chosen as a Karsh Scholar. The incredible possibilities received through this scholarship not only gave me a sense of belongingness but opened many doors that will help me develop from a cultural, intellectual, and social perspective.