Class of 2024
Reginaldo Howard Scholar

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Major: Public Policy
Minors: Education, Inequality Studies

Hobbies: Playing and watching sports, reading, board games, Netflix

Why Duke?

When applying to college, I, like many, was conflicted about my aspirations. I eventually decided to apply early decision to Duke due to the university's cooperative environment, work-life balance, and professors (specifically Dr. Dan Ariely and Dr. Sandy Darity). Once arriving, I strongly considered a degree in economics with a finance concentration, but wasn't content with the impact I felt I would make. A first-year seminar with Dr. Adam Hollowell reignited my passion for educational equity and the school-to-prison pipeline, one of my primary interests in high school. As a result, I became involved in research on mass incarceration in the Deep South during the Civil Rights Era under Dr. Adriane Fresh, the Data+ team "Visualizing Durham Public School Communities," and the Bass Connections team, "Strengthening Partnerships between Durham Public Schools and Local Universities." I also serve on the OUSF Excellence, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Committee (EDIE) and the Board of Trustees' Racial Equity Advisory Council. I currently plan to enter education post-graduation, a field I can approach from several angles, including education policy, education law, or teaching.
I am extremely grateful to be a Reggie. Dean Ashby and the Reggies immediately aided my transition into Duke and continue to be there whenever I need guidance or just want to grab lunch. This scholarship has allowed me the flexibility to pursue my passions without the vexation of student debt, opening doors to opportunities I never could have expected.