Class of 2025
Karsh International Scholar

Hometown: Anambra, Nigeria

Major: Environmental Engineering
Minor: Visual Arts

Hobbies: Recycling and Up-cycling, Visual Arts and Crafts, Cooking and Baking

Why Duke?

I see myself maximizing my potential in a collaborative environment where everyone with their individual goals works together for a common goal of uplifting others. I have come to see that this is the environment that Duke University has. I am very excited about that and I am looking forward to it in my first year at Duke. 

Being selected for the Karsh International Scholarship program reaffirms my choice of Duke. I am interested in a community of international students like myself where we come together to discuss important global issues, having unique points of view from each representing country. Having access to funding for numerous opportunities at Duke, I hope to make the best use of this and get involved as much as I can. 

Lastly, Duke has great energy opportunities, from the option of a minor or certificate in energy, to the energy club and energy initiative. I am passionate about bringing stable energy access to my home country, Nigeria, and I know Duke would help me with this.