Class of 2026
B.N. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Wake Forest, North Carolina

Major: Psychology
Minors: Chemistry and Spanish

Hobbies: I enjoy cooking and playing video games in my free time, and I love trying and making new foods. I am also passionate about educational equity and mental health advocacy, and hope to become a psychiatrist in the future.

Why Duke?

I chose Duke because of the plethora of opportunities available to us in many different aspects of our college life. Academically, there are plenty of interesting classes to take in every discipline; Socially, all of the student groups and clubs mean you can find your group anywhere; Health-wise, the wellness center and extensive gym facilities help you to stay healthy while doing all these activities. All of these are why I chose Duke.

Next semester, I hope to explore the different student life groups on campus more thoroughly, and make even more new friends through this experience. I also look forward to all of the pre-health experiences I'll get to have in the upcoming years.