Class of 2024
John C. and Marsha B. Slane Trinity Scholarship

Hometown: High Point, North Carolina

Major: Biology
Minors: Chemistry, Sociology

Hobbies: Varsity Cheerleading, Undergraduate Research with the Derbyshire Lab, PhiDE Medical Fraternity

Why Duke?

I like to say that Duke was not my dream school, but rather a hidden perfect fit. I embarked on the college admissions process unsure of my future plans, and Duke clearly offered a college experience that I could not turn down. Earning the Slane Family Trinity Scholarship made Duke not only a financially sound decision but also provided me with a community of passionate and driven peers to share my next four years with. At Duke, I have been fortunate to be a member of the Varsity Cheerleading Squad which performs at both football and men's basketball games. I have also had the opportunity to become an undergraduate researcher in a phenomenal chemistry lab under Dr. Emily Derbyshire's instruction. Outside of Duke's campus, I have enjoyed eating at the many delicious restaurants that Durham offers with my friends.