Class of 2026
A.B. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Cary, North Carolina

Major: Possibly Chemistry

Hobbies: Visual arts (oil painting and drawing), playing flute, cooking, going on long bike rides, reading (everything from long-form journalism to literary fiction!)

What does the scholarship mean to you?

I am grateful to the A.B. Duke scholarship for offering me the opportunity for an unfettered pursuit of anything and everything that intrigues me. With the scholarship’s support, I can freely learn, experiment, and experience without the financial burden. Since the scholarship covers the cost of my undergraduate studies at Duke, I will have ample opportunity to explore a wide range of subjects and ideas before delving into a few areas that most pique my interest. Additionally, the generous enrichment funding supports my intellectual inquiry beyond the classroom and college campus. Through this supplemental funding, I can imagine and realize sundry ways to intersect my studies with the world. This scholarship goes above simply providing financial support—it additionally offers a vibrant community. I am grateful for the incredibly welcoming and supportive community of merit scholars, faculty directors, and OUSF staff. The A.B. connects me with the vast network of current and alumni scholars with disparate talents and experiences. From accomplished writers to innovative scientists, each of these scholars inspires me. I know I can rely on this community for friendship, mentorship, and guidance during and beyond my time at Duke. Having countless individuals whom I can seek for advice and support is an invaluable resource. Above all, this scholarship represents opportunity: the chance to develop intellectually, challenge my perceptions, build lasting relationships, and critically engage with the world around me.