Class of 2024
Alumni Endowed Scholar

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Major: Psychology
Certificate: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Hobbies: Dance, Hot Yoga, Traveling, Watercolor Painting, Audio Books, Watersports

After graduation, Emma will join McKinsey & Company as a Business Analyst in New York City. Currently in her final semester, Emma is interning with the Council for Entrepreneurial Development in Research Triangle Park, and through her I&E capstone, consulting for Three Strands, a NC-based startup focused on recovery wear for breast cancer patients. Additionally, a student-athlete with The Dancing Devils, Emma has choreographed a piece for the team that will soon debut in Cameron Stadium! A psychology major and certified yoga instructor, Emma’s long term goals involve entering the mental health entrepreneurship sector to help curb the current mental health crisis with a mixture of social innovation, holistic wellness, and clinical intervention. 

“What I have enjoyed most about Duke has been the ability to combine all of my various passions and explore all facets of myself. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to grow and be challenged in Duke’s unparalleled environment of excellence in all areas, from athletics to academics and beyond. Thank you to the OUSF team and those who have contributed to the Alumni Endowed Scholarship for making all of this possible.”