Class of 2025
Alumni Endowed Scholar

Hometown: Vienna, Virginia

Majors: I plan to major in biology and neuroscience at Duke. I am interested in learning about the fundamentals of organisms and about how those fundamentals create a foundation for life. I also want to learn about how people have developed and how their brains support said growth. I may minor in medical sociology to understand the cultural and societal context of medicine and healthcare. 

Hobbies: I am passionate about taking initiative to help improve the environment of my peers through student government and in my faith community. I enjoy playing tennis, which has translated into a love for coaching novice players. I value leading and creating relationships with people of all ages through opportunities in hospitals, at schools, and in my community. I am also passionate about healthcare iniquities in underserved communities and wish to immerse myself in that field as well to bring resources to all corners of the world.

Why Duke?

Born in Durham, Duke has always been familiar to me. The campus once felt intimidating to me as I walked and biked through the gothic architecture, but as I grew, I saw it as a place that would help foster my growth and challenge my perspectives and identity. I chose Duke because I knew that with the many opportunities offered, I'd become a more well-rounded individual who is equipped to contribute positively to the world: Duke Engage would expand my global mindset, the research labs would allow me to find solutions to various questions, and FOCUS would allow me to interact and to form meaningful relationships with diverse students and faculty. 

In the classroom, but also in my tentative involvement in activities like student government, ministry, and volunteering in healthcare, I hope to find a community of students who challenge me and vice versa. I look forward to having late night conversations with my dorm-mates, to cheering amongst the Cameron Crazies, and to enjoying the small moments both in and out of the classroom. 

I am extremely grateful to be a recipient of the Alumni Endowed Scholarship, however, without the many trailblazers who've come before me, I would not have been able to receive this opportunity. With that said, this scholarship is a reminder and a source of encouragement to continue to challenge myself and to be diligent so that I too can provide similar opportunities to students in the future, whether it be financially or through other means.