Class of 2025
Alumni Endowed Scholar

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Majors: Public Policy and Philosophy
Minor: Computer Science

Hobbies: I love theater, whether it be performing in productions or writing new pieces, and I'm an avid hockey fan.

Why Duke?

Duke was a top choice for me since the very beginning of the college application process. My father attended Duke, and he described it to me as a congregation of some of the most interesting and brilliant minds out there. I wanted to throw myself into a new environment and meet different kinds of people who I wouldn't have had the opportunity of meeting in Chicago, and Duke's diverse student body fit the criteria perfectly. It was also the perfect choice for my intended major, as I'm looking to major in Public Policy and Duke's program is unmatched. For me, Duke represented not only a top-tier educational institution, but also a life-shaping environment that presents endless opportunities to grow as a person. In terms of activities and accomplishments at Duke, I'm in Duke's Humanitarian Challenges FOCUS cluster, and while I haven't officially set foot on campus as a student yet, I'm thinking about joining the Duke University Debating Society (among other student groups). The Alumni Endowed Scholarship made attending Duke possible for me, and for that I'll be forever grateful. I feel incredibly honored to be a part of this scholar community, and I'm astounded by the unbelievably driven and talented company I find myself in. I'm eager to continue to build relationships and find new experiences through this scholarship over the next four years.