Class of 2025
B.N. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Durham, North Carolina

Majors: Computer Science and History (Concentration: Europe and Russia)

Hobbies: FRC Robotics, Senior Classical League, Rock Climbing, Cello

Why Duke?

As I searched and compared universities that met my academic goals, Duke stood out as being the perfect academic fit. Offering a strong Mathematics program, and prominent Classics and Middle Eastern Language Departments, Duke more than covered the bases for all of my academic interests. Having Duke's campus set in my hometown and state, I recognized the opportunity to continue volunteering with FIRST Lego League teams, as well as the ability to serve on the NC Senior Classical League Board, and hopefully, bring much-needed volunteers to the NCJCL Spring Convention from Duke. With all of these amazing opportunities, both off-campus and in the classroom, Duke was the dream school, however, that's all I thought it could be, a dream.

The B.N. Duke Scholarship enabled that dream to become a reality. I cannot put into words how worried I was about affording college; the B.N. lifts away those concerns allowing me to focus on my studies and service. Volunteering both in the US and abroad is a wonderful challenge and enrichment for my formation that I otherwise would not have the opportunity to pursue. The B.N. gives me "sky's the limit" freedom to learn, grow and serve, and for that, I will be forever grateful.