Class of 2026
A.B. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

Major: Biology

Hobbies: Learning new languages (currently learning Arabic), Advocating for Muslim & Refugee populations in the US & Abroad, International Relations, Travel, Cooking, Basketball (very new interest) & Running

Why Duke?

From Environmental Science, Chemistry and Molecular Biology to Public Policy, Islamic Studies and the Modern Middle East, my academic interests span far and wide. Luckily, the freedom that Duke and the A.B. scholarship provides to explore all of my interests is unparalleled. I also chose Duke because of its lively and collaborative student body, its emphasis on undergraduate research and its numerous experiential learning opportunities. Durham's amazing foodie culture also didn't hurt. At Duke I am excited to take a wide range of classes taught by world-class professors and explore Duke’s seemingly endless undergraduate research opportunities in my fields of interest. Outside of the classroom I hope to study Arabic in Amman through DukeEngage and work with the Kenan Institute for Ethics to empower local refugee populations in Durham. I am also excited to take advantage of the enrichment funding offered by the A.B. Duke scholarship to fund my own projects in Central Asia, specifically (and hopefully) in rural Afghanistan. In my free time I am excited to be a part of Duke’s Muslim Student Association and explore Durham (and 8-mile-away Chapel Hill) with my new friends! The A.B. Duke Scholarship is truly a gift. It is the embodiment of Duke’s full support and confidence in whatever path I decide to pursue. It is also a tight-knit, built-in community of brilliant and compassionate students, faculty and staff that will support me throughout my four years to ensure I make the most out of my time as a Blue Devil!