Class of 2023

Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador

Majors: Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

Hobbies: Aerospace, drones, volleyball, and futbol

Why Duke?

Duke has students and faculty that you could not find anywhere else. People at Duke are exceptional friends, scholars, athletes, and thinkers. Everyone is happy to be where they are and that says everything you need to know about the university. Through my career at Duke, I've participated in multiple engineering-focused clubs such as the EV club, robotics team, but more recently I've focused on the Aeroelasticity Lab. This team performs tests related to aerodynamic principles seen in turbines. I also enjoy playing volleyball and football on club and recreational levels. The Karsh Scholarship has given me the opportunity to do all of these and much more. This scholarship will allow me to do so much more with my career. At Duke, I've been able to explore career options with internships and teaching assistant jobs in the university. The opportunity and resources were given to me, and I've learned that it is up to me to pursue what I want and with what level of commitment. Duke is like no other place.