Class of 2027
B.N. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Aiken, South Carolina

Academic Interests: Biomedical Engineering

Hobbies and Interests: My interests range from baking, crafting, traveling, and exercising to my more niche interests in space medicine, and activities like stargazing, movie nights, and sporadic adventures!

Why Duke?:

When I applied to Duke, I did not fully comprehend just how AMAZING the school was. It was not until March 17th, when I was notified as a finalist for this scholarship that I began to understand not only the possibilities that awaited at Duke but also the fact that attending such a university could no longer be a dream, it had potential to become a reality. As I began to research more and more during March, my eyes were opened to see that Duke was my unknown dream school.

Besides the amazing academics that Duke offers for me and my interests, Duke was the only school that managed to combine the importance of academics and social life in a unique balance. Additionally, during immersion experiences like Blue Devil Days and the Latino Student Recruitment Weekend, I felt how welcoming, uplifting, supportive, and inclusive the Duke community is. In essence, Duke was the one school that “checked all of my boxes” and more by allowing me to feel at home and as part of a family. And most importantly, the scholarship blessed me to make my dreams a reality. With the scholarship, I not only was given the opportunity to be surrounded by likeminded, interesting individuals, but I was able to find a school that prioritized community service. Duke stood out because it was an instant match with my priorities and motivations towards my future self and career.

Long story short, Duke feels like home.