Class of 2026
Alumni Endowed Scholar

Hometown: Natick, Massachusetts 

Majors: Physics with a concentration in astronomy and astrophysics

Hobbies: I am a track and field athlete who throws the shot put and discus. I also play five instruments and love music of all kinds. I am also into photography and hiking. 

Why Duke?

At Duke, I am looking forward to meeting new people, having new opportunities, and conducting research. I have always been interested in STEM, and with that came the knowledge that I would want to do research wherever I ended up in the future. Duke's research is unlike anywhere else, so I'm excited to take full advantage of that opportunity. I am also going to be on the track and field team at Duke, and I'm excited to have the chance to pursue my love of athletics while also being a part of world-class academics. I think that the combination of extracurriculars offered at Duke, along with research and classes will be a very rewarding learning experience in which I can find what I am truly passionate about.