Class of 2026
Reginaldo Howard Scholar

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina

Major: Interdepartmental Major: Psychology and African & African American Studies

Hobbies: Photography, Literature, Writing, Poetry, Music, and Research

Why Duke?

As an Early Decision applicant to Duke, I was drawn to the university because of its flexibility in terms of Duke’s academic course of study. As a prospective Program II student, the sense of autonomy gained from knowing I could design an individualized curriculum to explore my academic interests was unmatched by any other university. Additionally, with a plethora of student access opportunities, from student research to service learning, Duke’s commitment to bettering both the learner and the person within all of their students further ensured my confidence that Duke was right for me. The strong emphasis on both personal and professional development asserted that I could not only explore my scholarly curiosities but also guarantee the opportunity to self-actualize in my time at Duke.