Class of 2025
A.B. Duke Scholar

Hometown: Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Academic Interests: Neuroscience

Hobbies: I am passionate about youth political advocacy, resolving public health issues, and fantasy novels.

Why Duke?

I personally chose to attend Duke University because I could immediately sense Duke's commitment to creating a truly enriching undergraduate experience. Both Duke's strong presence in the medical field and its unmistakably tight-knit peer community demonstrated to me the remarkable balance between stellar academics and vivacious student life at Duke. As a member of the Duke Class of 2025, I am eager to partake in the prominent traditions and exuberant school spirit found across campus. In my eyes, the A.B. Duke scholarship provides not only generous financial support, but it is also a demonstration of Duke's confidence in me. The fiscal generosity, academic support, and remarkable network that result from the A.B. Duke Scholarship compel me to fulfill the high expectations of such a reputable award. I am very grateful and excited to meet the challenge head on and start making a difference in the Duke community and beyond.