Sr. Program Coordinator, David M. Rubenstein Scholars Program and Duke LIFE

Hometown: Durham, North Carolina

Hobbies: I enjoy reading, writing and listening to poetry, attempting to cook, and binge-watching different TV shows. Additionally, I love spending time with my puppy, Thor.

Why Duke?
I love the different opportunities that Duke has to offer and the different support that is offered to different student groups and demographics. I believe that Duke promotes identity exploration and sense of belonging through the variety of student organizations on campus, and I am grateful to be a part of a university that is promoting these things!

Tell us a fun fact about you:
I am an Ordained Minister! I became one so that I could perform the ceremony for my sister and her partner. :)


Jaylah Stewart was born and raised in Durham, NC, and obtained her BA in English with a concentration in Teacher Education from North Carolina State University. Additionally, she returned to NC State where she received her Masters in Higher Education Administration. She has had opportunity to gain experience at different institutions and within various student affairs roles (residence life, student conduct, university activities, and student programs). She is very passionate about helping students cultivate a sense of belonging on campuses, especially underrepresented student groups.