Class of 2026
Karsh International Scholar

Hometown: Campo Grande, Brasil

Major: Computer Science
Minor: French Studies

Hobbies: Learning foreign languages, playing soccer, watching movies and tv shows, and volunteering.

Why Duke?

I chose Duke because this was the university where I could picture myself for the first time. With Duke’s unique academic offerings, countless research opportunities, and certificate programs, I felt Duke was the perfect place to thrive academically. More than that, the school spirit, vibrant social life, and efforts to promote diversity were essential for my choice. I am looking forward to playing intramural soccer, joining hackathons, volunteering in the Durham community, and creating life-long connections with a diverse group of peers. The Karsh International Scholarship means a life-changing opportunity to me. It provides me with the chance to afford my undergraduate studies and my further academic ambitions. Also, as part of the Karsh Scholars community, I will be joining a cohort of international students that plan to create a positive impact in their respective countries. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and can not wait to experience this journey.