Class of 2023

Hometown: New York, New York

Major: Public Policy
Minor: Economics
Certificate: Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Community and youth empowerment are at the forefront of my purpose. Experiencing the broken public education system as a first-generation Latinx student has shaped my resistance, self-determination, and cultural pride. As an aspiring Public Policy graduate from Duke University, I will continue to advocate for the marginalized communities that are unfortunately sometimes put second or to a side.

Buenocuts, the name I give my barbering services, has inspired me to believe in the untapped potential we all hold within. I strongly believe that we are destined to unleash different talents and passions through the nature of experimenting. The lives of which many first-generation students like me are raised in sometimes creates a barrier on our own imagination. Through my craft, I've inspired professionals, students, and local clients to believe in themselves and cherish what the future has in store for them.