Faculty Director, Nationally Competitive Scholarships

Joshua D. Sosin, Associate Professor of Classical Studies and new Faculty Director for Nationally Competitive Scholarships, focuses on the everyday social, economic, and religious life of the Hellenistic world through the lens of inscriptions, documents carved on stone and displayed for public consumption, and papyri, the often fragmentary private documents found in the tombs and garbage dumps of the ancient world.

Hobbies and Interests: When I am not on the clock I am often on my bike (er, bikes), on pavement, on dirt, around town, in the middle of nowhere, for a few minutes, for a few days (punk still in the earbuds [first 6 sec.]; for ramblings on how punk, cycling, and classics are somehow the same experience for me listen to Mirror of Antiquity ep.5). Maybe it's that same freedom to roam that draws me.